Father's Day

Use the code "FathersDay" at checkout to save $10 off anything for Pop. 

One per customer. One per purchase. This code will expire at the end of June. Some exclusions apply. 

Our Top 10 ways to use your $10 for Dad:


1. Gift Card: Dad is particular. You can get him $25 for $15 or $50 for $40....



2. Brooks Distance Short Sleeve: I've got dad class, and I've got dad style.
(Same here, for chillier times.) 

3. Swiftwick Vision Five Socks: Matches cape and superhero suit dad wears under his civvies.
Try these for formal occasions preceding a run.

4. Trigger Point Grid X Foam Roller: Rigid but means well. Like dad.
Is he a high roller?

5. Oofos Slides: Support for tired feet. You can wear slides with socks. 

6. Brooks Sherpa Short: Carry stuff without the stigma of running in cargo shorts.

7. Native Sunglasses: The most advanced lenses help spot things in flight. 
Ex: golf balls, time.

8. PRC Hydroflask (20 oz.): Keeps dad's drink hot (or cold) all day. Promotes clean living.
Or try this one, our favorite for running.

9. Nathan Zephyr Fire 300 Hand Torch: Don't call it a flashlight. Great for walking the dog(s) in the dark.
Or, give dad this champion belt. (He is the greatest.)

10. Defunkify: Dads can't smell themselves. Never have, never will.
Pair with
these for max effect.

Bonus! (This list goes to 11.) 
Garmin FR 235. GPS watch with on-wrist heartrate monitoring.
Marked down $50 through June 17!

    Or, use it on anything else you think dad might like.


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