Asics Women's Gel Nimbus 18

$119.95 $150.00

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After 18 years of innovation, the Nimbus series maintains its position as some of ASICS’s most recognized high performing footwear. The new GEL placement offers modernized geometry of cushioning, designed to improve adaptability and mitigate brisk impacts. Improved Guidance Line technology harmoniously synchs components to embrace the motions of the runner’s gait cycle. Taken together, the previous two features ensure the Nimbus 18 lands softly without jarring and rolls smoothly through toe-off. FluidFit upper of the Nimbus 18 locks down across the midfoot better than it did in the Nimbus 17, securing you even at high speeds, without irritating sensitive areas on top of the foot. The Nimbus is a well-cushioned, long-lasting model designed for a runner with an underpronated or neutral foot strike. Heel-Toe Offsets: Men’s 10 mm; Women’s 13 mm. Weights: Men’s 11.4 oz; Women’s 9.2 oz.

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