Oofos Ooahh Sport Sandal




After-sport recovery makes a bold, graphic statement—and the eye-catching, two-tone upper is just the beginning. Behind the good looks: OOfoam’s ground-breaking impact absorption and arch support, plus a patented footbed for natural motion. Shower-ready, with moisture and bacteria-resistance. Lack of toe post means you can wear it with compression socks for ultimate recovery. • OOfoam: Absorbs 37% more shock than other materials • Reduces stress on sore feet, knees and lower back • Cradles your arches • Biomechanically designed footbed allows natural motion • Soft, conforming material eliminates chafing • Shower/beach-ready—moisture and bacteria resistant; doesn’t retain smell • Durable OOfoam holds its cushion • Machine washable • So light they float Sizes are men’s. Women, add 2 sizes: Size 3 is roughly a women’s size 5.

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